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Style/ Hire

Our styling services are very versatile, from scenarios that make you experience the authentic Spanish and Mediterranean style to adapting the necessities of our client to create the desired space.

We have the attention to detail and the fun sparkly touch to optimise the layout of a room. Sometimes is adding new textures, creating a new colour palette or a completely new scene.

You can hire our product too. You might have a special event in a summer night or an intimate family lunch.

Steps to follow when you hire:

1. Have a look at our stock and tell us what you want by email, call, social media, etc...

2. Email us your list (or screenshot of your shopping cart) along with your details (company, dates, purpose of the hire)

3. We will prepare your personal quote and email it to you.

4. Once you confirm you are happy to proceed, we will arrange payment and any specific requirements for your collection/return etc...


Our hire charge is for 4-14 days. Option of Dry Hire*

*Dry Hire is when you hire an item from us but we are not involved in the set-up and styling of the piece. It literally means that you are hiring the item with no further service requirements.


Please note that prices are listed per item. We do email/ personal quotes but our prop/ styling prices are generally a 30% of the value.


If your event is booked within 4 weeks (or less) of your event date, we require upfront payment in full. We reserve the right to cancel your order if these terms are not met.


We require a bond as part of your final invoice or a cash bond upon collection of the items and this is returned to you when items are returned as agreed and in the condition in which they were hired. Usually calculated at 20% of the order value.


Whilst in our experience it has been very rare that anything happens to our items, if it does you will be charged at replacement value.


There is a standard minimum order of $200.00. There is a minimum order of $400.00 for delivered orders. Delivery is not included, and is quoted separately depending on stock size, quantity and distance of travel required.


All of our items are available for delivery and collection (fees apply). You can arrange to pick-up and collect from our studio (flexible options in regards to days/ times as we are not at the studio every day) NOTE: some items are fragile or oversized and may only be available with our delivery and collection service.

Shipping of product is quoted depending on stock size, quantity and distance of travel required. Usually this is calculated as follows: • $60 per hour (2 Crew + Vehicle). Minimum 1-hour charge. • Arriving to site and unloading may take another 30-60 minutes per pick-up and drop-off on top of travel time.