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Let us show you a few steps to set up a table;

First; Theme and occasion.

Choose your theme, what’s inspiring you now? Colour, shape, art, time of season… this can help you define the direction of your table scape.

A formal comité usually demands you to dress the table  for more than one course.
A casual event, usually allows you to get more creative with your linen and serving pieces, like tapas dishes, share platters or cutlery.

Once you have the clear vision of the space you want to share, you can now transform it with the selection of your key pieces.

Second; Set up Layers.

We like starting by selecting the style of tableware that aligns with the theme and occasion (colour, finish, shape..), followed by the linen to give a sense of texture and movement. Your chosen centrepiece can help you define the height and layers; tapered candle sticks, low line decor or a feature floral arrangement are some examples.

Make sure there is always space for multiple glasses drinking options and same with cutlery and napkins.

Last but not least; The final touches.

The very last steps before the guests arrive and the event starts is placing the last details like name tags or menus, lighting up the candles and adding any extra serving tools.

Now please enjoy! We personally recommend always start with a "thank you for coming"toast.

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